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Major Win Alert: Jones Jones LLC New Jersey Partner Secures Disability Dismissal

Jones Jones LLC is pleased to share that Partner Christine Diana led a successful dismissal for three cases in the state of New Jersey on behalf of a regional transportation infrastructure client.


In the three cases for this self-insured client, the claimant’s attorney argued there was a gap period between the maximum medical improvement (MMI) date and when the claimant received an accidental disability pension. Because there was a collective bargaining agreement in place, the claimant was paid a full salary rather than temporary disability benefits. As the full salary was paid, there was no payment gap and the judge ruled in the employer’s favor, dismissing the cases. This dismissal saved Jones Jones’ client from paying an additional unnecessary award.


Diana and her team approached these cases with a careful review of when the disability payment was issued, as well as what the temporary disability payments looked like. This scrutiny revealed there were no temporary disability benefits, but rather full salary payments with no gap in payment. This revelation allowed the Jones Jones team to call for a dismissal on the basis that there was no period in which the claimant was not paid. In this case, the team’s attention to detail and commitment to go above and beyond their due diligence led to a positive outcome for the client.


Congratulations to Diana and her entire team. If you are in need of assistance with a workers’ compensation case, please contact our appellate team at