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Major Win Alert: Jones Jones LLC Partner Wins Construction Disallowance Case

Jones Jones LLC is pleased to announce Partner Dana Sabghir recently secured a favorable decision before the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board.


In this case the claimant stated they were injured after falling from a height while working for the employer. The employer ultimately denied the claim. Sabghir and team argued the claim should be disallowed as claimant was not working on the date of the incident and they did not provide a timely report of the accident. The team provided thorough documentation proving the claimant was not working or onsite during the date of the claimed accident. The workers’ compensation law judge ultimately agreed with Sabghir and her team, ruling in their favor. The case was disallowed.


Sabghir and her team dedicated extensive time and resources to obtaining comprehensive documentation, including but not limited to sign in/out logs, pre-shift safety logs, and paystubs showing the claimant was not on the job site during the time of the claimed accident. During a detailed and thorough cross-examination, the team was able to emphasize that the claimant’s allegations were incredible. The team’s thorough knowledge of the documentation, site and the processes with which the employees are required to participate led to the claimant contradicting himself and providing an untrustworthy testimony. Sabghir and her team also thoroughly prepared a witness who was familiar with the documents and the defensive position so that his testimony was clear and concise. The success of this case hinged largely on the extensive collaboration between the defense counsel, employer and insurance carrier.


Congratulations to Dana Sabghir and her team. If you have a workers’ compensation case are in need of assistance, please connect with our appellate team today at!