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New IME Resource Available

At Jones Jones LLC, we understand the importance of working with a good independent medical examiner (IME). A qualified, reputable IME can help strengthen your case, and working with the wrong IME can lead to frustrating decisions and appeals. This is why we are pleased to announce the official Jones Jones list of preferred IME doctors for New York State.


This list includes who we believe are currently the best IME doctors in New York State. As Jones Jones serves the entirety of New York state, from Manhattan to the upstate region and everything in between, we wanted to ensure we offered an exhaustive list of IME doctors for all areas of the state as well.


From orthopedists and cardiologists to psychiatrists and psychologists, our attorneys spent the last several months reviewing and considering various factors to determine the best IME doctors with whom we work. We reviewed how well the doctors testified, how well their reports were written, their overall communication skills and more. Our panel of attorneys then held roundtable discussions to develop this fair and comprehensive list.


For more information on Jones Jones’ resources for clients and colleagues, and to obtain the list please contact