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Case Closed: Recent Wins for Jones Jones Clients in NY and NJ

We are all familiar with the dread that accompanies an open case. Countless hours and dollars are spent going back and forth with the opposing party, not to mention the stress and headache of ongoing litigation. Focused on resolving this dread, and the related costs, Jones Jones LLC attorneys across New York and New Jersey take a different approach, applying a settlement-first mindset to all cases and handling of workers’ compensation claims. Whether the venue was in live court in New Jersey, virtual hearings in New York or around a conference table in downtown Manhattan — our attorneys’ mission to close claims resulted in several major wins in June.

New Jersey Wins:

Partner Christine Diana and Associate Kristina Jones settled nine workers’ comp claims in a single morning during a recent court appearance. They capitalized on our firm’s unique approach once it was clear all parties were physically present under tenuous conditions. A quick look at some of those wins include:
• A 55-year-old safety officer with multiple claims had already undergone bilateral bicep tendon repair. Rather than leave this claim open to high-cost medical treatment for many years, Christine Diana strategically negotiated a successful settlement in person.
• Kristina Jones used live testimony from an injured worker who had suffered an occupational disease to bilateral ankles with bilateral ankle replacement to successfully close a case with a Section 20. “The ability to take the gentleman’s testimony and understand his thought process made it easier for me to assess his settlement needs and close this case with a full and final settlement,” she said.

Success in New York:

In New York, Partners Rosanna Shamash, Ian Leaderman, and Samantha Sharpe held a settlement conference with a self-insured employer. The settlement conference culminated in dozens of full and final Section 32 settlements. They strategized with the client directly, sought immediate authority to settle claims and conferenced with injured worker attorneys in the moment. “It was a hugely satisfying day resulting in many settlements, including closure of claims that have been open for several years,” said Samantha.

Managing Partner Sarah Thomas has made it a mission to instill a settlement approach to claims for the last decade. “These successes are a culmination of the continued cultural shift our firm has taken seriously in the settlement space within workers’ comp. We are constantly available to push the envelope – to ask the hard questions – and dig deeper as to why a workers’ comp claim may not be settling. We are always pushing a claim towards a settlement where possible. And when faced with a challenge, our team attacks it head on. Nothing stops a Jones Jones attorney,” she said.

Proud of the firm’s 100-year history and ability to constantly pivot and stay ahead of all workers’ compensation changes and nuances, Executive Partner Matthew Jones explained the settlement focus is part of the firm’s intentional culture, “We talk about settlement approach, best practices and share each other’s wins during our attorney meetings. Learning from one another about best practices for obtaining a settlement using an out-of-the-box approach for a client is exciting. It culminates in a finality that is best for the client, best for the injured worker and rewarding for those of us trying to do our best for our client.”

If you are interested in seeing how a settlement conference can impact your caseload, or if you would like to discuss a settlement strategy-contact or The Jones Jones LLC team is excited to navigate you and your team through the settlements of NY and NJ!