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Criminal Fraud: Resources for Reporting Criminal Fraud in NYS

Imagine a claim comes across your desk where the claimant is injured on the job. It seems relatively straight forward until you dig deeper, and details don’t line up. It appears the claimant has fabricated the incident.

While your first inclination is to deny the claim, you think twice. As we know, the board presumes all claimants are telling the truth, until proven guilty. It can also be difficult to “prove a negative.”

Such cases often come down to credibility determinations made by the Law Judges. More often than not, they will side with the claimant in cases where they must determine credibility between a claimant who claims they were injured at work and employer witnesses who testify to the contrary.

Jones Jones LLC has navigated countless cases like this. Now, we’re taking our expertise related to working with Fraud Inspector General and Attorney General’s Office and sharing it as a helpful resource for individuals and employers who suspect workers’ compensation fraud.

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NY WCB Fraud Sheet