Subrogation & Loss Transfer

Our subrogation department offers full service loss transfer defense and recovery programs and workers’ compensation third party subrogation services, which have proven to be effective tools for our clients to mitigate their losses and maximize their recoveries for subrogable payments. Every loss transfer attorney at Jones Jones LLC is a certified arbitrator with Arbitration Forums, Inc. Moreover, Managing Partner William S. Jones currently sits as the Secretary of the Loss Transfer Committee of the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Loss Transfer Defense and Recovery

Our Loss Transfer Defense and Recovery Program is two tiered, combining attorney oversight and an experienced paralegal staff, passing reduced costs along to our clients. Attorneys at our firm oversee all aspects of our subrogation program and have hands on involvement specific to document and case review, arbitration hearing appearances, and reportage to our clients. Moreover, we remain committed to accommodating our clients and often tailor our loss transfer process to conform with the unique needs and desires of each client.

Subrogation, Loss Transfer Defense and Recovery Charts

Third Party Subrogation

We formulate creative solutions for our clients to maximize their recoveries and capitalize on their statutory rights. Jones Jones LLC offers a full-service third party subrogation program, including obtaining lien recoveries from claimants’ third party settlements and preserving the credit rights of our clients against claimants’ third party recoveries. Our primary goal is always mitigating our client’s future exposure in a given case through any and all means possible. If the claimant doesn’t sue an at fault third party, don’t worry, we can sue on their behalf for your benefit.

For Prospective Clients

Jones Jones LLC offers a variety of competitive payment options. With a 20% contingency fee for our loss transfer recovery services, we don’t get paid unless you do. We also offer competitive hourly and flat fee rates for all subrogation services. If you would like to learn more about our subrogation programs please contact us at