Sarah Thomas

  • Managing Partner
  • Pace University School of Law
  • Admitted: New York
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Thanks, Professor

Sarah had the good fortune of finding a mentor early on. “I had a wonderful pre-law professor at Siena College. I loved his classes, the research we conducted, and even reading case law. I saw how I could use this experience to find good solutions for clients one day.”

While working for the Special Funds Conservation Committee, she was introduced to attorneys from Jones Jones who were serving on its board. “They were always prepared and very knowledgeable, and I knew I’d enjoy being part of their team.”

After four years of successful casework, Sarah was promoted to managing partner, which requires meeting with clients across the country and presenting seminars while overseeing day-to-day office activities.

Around the office, Sarah is known as the consummate list-maker, never leaving work until the next day’s objectives are prioritized. “To-do lists are my be-all and end-all. I know clients are relying on me, and I never want anything slipping through the cracks.”

A native of Delmar, New York, Sarah’s colleagues and clients enjoy her easy-going nature, which still holds a touch of small-town sensibility. “Sarah is extremely diligent, yet so easy to work with. She develops wonderful relationships with clients because they know they can count on her expertise and honesty,” says a coworker.

Along with the endless search for great new music, Sarah practices yoga and kickboxing, is learning how to cook, and still enjoys exploring all that New York City has to offer.

She and her husband, who works in advertising technology, adore their Brooklyn neighborhood, but have developed a special affinity for London, visiting whenever their busy schedules allow.

“The work is intense, but it’s a great feeling being able to assess cases from different angles and attack each issue with exactly the right strategy.”

Her old professor is probably very happy to hear that.

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