Louis Poggioli

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  • Brooklyn Law School
  • Admitted: New York
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Louis Poggioli
100% Unique

When Louis is representing your interests, you can be sure that your case is being studied from all angles — along with a global and historical perspective.

“I enjoy studying Late Antiquity,” says Louis. “And I love history in general because it tells us the story of who we are as people, how we change over time and how we don’t. My interest in ancient law led me to political science and then to law school. Many prominent figures, such as Cicero and Tribonian were lawyers, so my curiosity was piqued.”

If it sounds like Louis has a unique way of looking at things and solving problems, that’s exactly the case. However, you’ll also find him analyzing Monty Python with equal fervor.

“I like the classics,” he jokes. “I started watching with my friends when we were just kids.” Not surprisingly, the history buff with a quirky sense of humor lists History of the World—Part I as an all-time favorite.

In college, Louis was vice president for Yapolitics, a national non-profit that encourages youth involvement in politics. “I wrote articles covering current events. Our goal was getting out the vote, never advocating for a particular party. This is vital because democracies only work when societies are engaged in the political process.”

Louis also joined Quinipiac University’s college radio station, starting as a DJ and quickly earning a spot on its board of management.

“I was completely engrossed in the management side of operations. I enjoyed researching issues and helping make decisions for the organization. I was also on the ad-hoc commission tasked with updating the station’s constitution,” he recalls.

Colleagues at Jones Jones admire this drive. “We love that Louis has an impressive resume, but it’s his hands-on approach that makes a difference to our clients,” says a coworker. “In worker’s comp, it’s really essential.”

As the son of an attorney, Louis is sensitive to the needs of people who cannot access legal services and looks forward to doing pro bono work.

“Worker’s comp is a writing intensive field, which I also enjoy. I hope to use that depth of knowledge to help as many people as I can.”

As for writing a book, or perhaps a history blog, Louis says they’re just far-off aspirations as clients naturally take precedence.

Knowing Louis, we won’t be surprised to see his words educating and inspiring people far and wide.

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