Katrina Taylor

  • Associate
  • Hofstra University School of Law
  • Admitted: New York
Katrina Taylor
Justice For All

Thoughtful, determined, tenacious. These are just a few of the traits that come to mind when you see Katrina Taylor in action.

Born in Brooklyn, Katrina learned about worker’s compensation quite early in life. “My father injured his back at work and ended up needing surgery. His case was ultimately resolved with a settlement, which helped our family buy a house in Nassau County,” she recalls.

That experience broadened her outlook in many regards. “I remember learning about the constitution in fourth grade and having this sense that the law should make things fair for everyone. The notion of ‘justice for all’ really spoke to me,” she says.

Those ideals led Katrina to Hofstra University School of Law, followed by nine years of representing claimants in the courtroom. Working cases from both sides has provided her a unique perspective and depth of knowledge that clients and colleagues admire.

“Katrina can be laid back and quiet, but she sure knows her stuff,” says a coworker. “And I give her a lot of credit for being able to go to one of the toughest hearing points day in and day out, determined to protect the interests of her clients no matter how challenging the environment.”

Like most attorneys at Jones Jones, Katrina touts camaraderie as a hallmark of the firm’s culture. “Most days, I work alone, but I know that help is just a quick email away. I appreciate that fact that we really are a team.”

Specializing in worker’s comp for the entirety of her career, Katrina has forged close relationships with many lawyers and judges who respect her thoughtful, steady approach. “When Katrina has something to say, you know it’s important. She certainly won’t be bullied or back down,” says a follow attorney.

As for time off the clock, life on Long Island revolves around her two teenaged children. As a single parent, she’s mastered the art multitasking, often dictating reports during football practice or dance class.

“My passion is being the best mother I can be. I have high expectations for my kids and they are meeting and exceeding them academically and in their extracurricular activities.”

Hats off to Katrina for being the kind of mother, friend, attorney, and colleague you definitely want in your corner.

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