David Wiesner

  • Associate
  • Brooklyn Law School
  • Admitted: New York
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David Weisner
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A native of Washington, David had every opportunity to embrace a laidback, West Coast lifestyle. But he had other ideas about what makes life fulfilling.

“I wanted to pursue law because of the lifelong intellectual challenge it presents. It forces you to think and learn about issues you’d never explore on your own. It’s a profession that allows you to be both a generalist and a specialist,” he says.

Sure of his calling, David also knew that New York was the right place to hone his skills. While attending Brooklyn Law School, he interned at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and served as research assistant to Professor Aaron Twerski, contributing to a new edition of a products liability casebook.

From there, Jones Jones felt like just the right fit.

“I wanted to work for a firm that gives young lawyers the chance to litigate claims. And I thrive on the energy that comes with living and working in the city. In my opinion, there’s no better place to be an attorney,” he says. The firm’s history, dating back to the establishment of the New York Workers’ Compensation Board, was also a big draw.

Growing up in an athletic family nurtured a sense of sportsmanship among David and his six siblings. His skill on the field allowed him to travel around the western United States and Canada. His sister, Jamie, plays basketball for Team Canada. While they never play against each other, they’re always happy to join forces and school the competition.

It’s no surprise then that the close-knit culture at Jones Jones felt familiar. “The senior partners are always asking what we need in order to be the best we can be. They make sure all of our attorneys are happy and working in areas where they will excel.”

As for specializing in workers’ comp, David enjoys helping companies and employees get the benefits they deserve and ensuring that the system runs efficiently and fairly for everyone.

“We work as a team, but also have the freedom to practice in ways that suit us individually. Because it’s a niche area of law, much of the training takes place on actual cases. We hire people who are quick learners and it shows in the successes we have early in our careers,” he says.

Time away from the office may include soaking up rays on Coney Island, taking in a New York Islanders match, or donating to charities such as the Legal Aid Society and American Forests. 

“We love the different viewpoints that attorneys from across the country, and the world, bring to our firm,” says a colleague. “David’s Pacific Northwest roots make him a passionate defender of equality, the environment, and of people everywhere.”

So we’re happy to overlook his secret affinity for grunge. 

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